Apr 17, 2021

Ala sabz kavir company by brand name "Jilaan" was established in 2010 and exploited at shahrood industrial park in 2012. It consits of productive- administrave halls, cellars,distinctive cloakrooms, distinctive labratory  in three sections of bacterial , chemistry and cultivated room all based on food and medicine standards
Jilaan has been established based on the increase of shelf life of products and by goals of food easy consumption and implementation of new tecnology in accordance to food standards based on food security
This collection will hope by helping of specialists and scholars in gamut of food industry, have an effective step in healthy foods in every ages.
Activity of this company  comprises of drying and packing all kinds of vegtables , saifis , fruits and the production and packing of all kinds of seasonings - spics and powders , sours and paching of beans , rises , sugers and other things
The future goal of this collection is offering the new method of fry ing non- frozen products to food industial society